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Rules of Use


Curious Cow Camping Ltd  Rules of Use Hire Agreement



(1)       Curious Cow Camping Ltd incorporated and registered in England and Wales with company number 12290148 whose registered office is at 84 Collingwood Road, Kits Coty Estate, Aylesford, Kent, ME20 7ER 

(2)       The person or company whose name appears on the booking agreement (Customer)

This document forms part of the terms of hire, along with the Terms & Conditions and the Booking Agreement.


1. Set Up & Take Down

1.1  The Customer must assess the site and confirm at booking, a tent plan with details to positioning and potential hazards. If the booking representative is not available at time of set up or a plan is not provided, Curious Cow Camping Ltd will place tents in an appropriate position of our choice. This decision is final.

1.2  Without prior written knowledge, Curious Cow Camping Ltd will not be responsible for the damage to pipes, wires/cables or underground works.

1.3  Additional charges may be charged for obstacles that we may need to remove for set up/breakdown.

1.4  The site must be adequately level and appropriate for the use of bell tents.   

1.5  Access must be confirmed at booking that a vehicle is able to drive onto site to offload equipment and tents for set up/dismantle and at our convenience.

1.6  Additional trolleying or carrying of equipment to site without prior confirmation will incur additional charge for staffing & time.  

1.7  During set up or breakdown the bell tents and area must be clear of persons for health and safety.  

1.8  Site must be accessible for a van and trailer with hard standing area available or solid ground, free from risk of flooding and/or boggy ground.


2.  Weather

Curious Cow Camping Ltd will always endeavour to keep our booking commitments, however we have no control over the weather.

2.1  If in the event of severe weather such as heavy rain and storms, Curious Cow Camping Ltd have the right to delay site set up or breakdown.

2.2  Curious Cow Camping Ltd reserve the right to cancel a booking if we deem our equipment and health and safety of staff to be at risk from severe weather or any unforeseen event. If so, we will re arrange an alternative date for your booking.


3.  Damage to Tent Inside & Outside

3.1  If  equipment or tents are found to be damaged or stolen the Customer will be responsible for costs of any loss or damage, including the following:-

(a)  Once set up the ropes on each tent must not to be adjusted.

(b)  Lanterns must not to be removed from their place or used for other purposes than what is intended.

(c)  Pegs may not be flush to ground due to hardness/rocks under ground but tents will be securely grounded. Care must be taken if walking around tent.

(d)  Curious Cow Camping Ltd advise the Customer to take shoes off when inside the tent. Heel or shoes that may puncture should be removed before entering a tent, due to risk of puncturing the groundsheet. If heel marks or holes are found, you may incur damage charges. If shoe marks can not be removed after cleaning you may incur a charge for professional cleaning.

(e)  If rips are found on zips, doors, windows or canvas you will be liable for cost incurred for replacement or repair.

(f)  If fluid spills that stain and/or leave irreparable damage eg. Vomit / wine stains you will incur a charge for professional cleaning or replacement.

(g)  Bedding & Soft Furnishing are not to be taken outside of tents unless clearly specified for outdoor use.

(h)  Do not take airbeds out of tents due to risk of puncturing. An airbed pump will be provided, for  use to Customer  to top up airbeds if required. On set up, Curious Cow Camping Ltd leave all airbeds fully inflated but do not take responsibility if they become deflated during your hire period. For larger events Curious Cow Camping Ltd will endeavour to leave a spare airbed.

(i)  Tables/crates – These handmade crates and tables are to be used inside tent only and for the purpose intended.

(j)  Lighting – Do not remove fairy lights or lanterns.

(k)  No smoking in tents at any time.

(l) No vaping inside the tents at any time.

(m)  No animals – Animals are not allowed in tents.

(n)  No cooking or heating allowed in tents.

(o)  Camp fires – Situate tents 5m minimum distance away from fires at all times.

(p)  Candles or incense – No naked flames of any kind allowed in the tent or porch area including incense sticks.


4.  During Hire Period

4.1  The Customer is responsible to ensure that in the event of rain, tents must be zipped down and across the bottom of the ground sheet to stop water coming in.

4.2  The Customer is responsible for cleaning rubbish and debris from inside tents and immediate surroundings before leaving the tent. If additional time is spent collecting and disposing of rubbish in and surrounding area you will incur a surcharge.

5.  End of Hire period

If packing a tent away, please follow instructions provided and pack down into bag provided. The tent should be returned in state that it was hired to you.

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